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Our Execution Plan

Project Management Guidelines

  • The successful execution of each phase of any project is greatly dependent upon the quality of each preceding phase. Our Execution Plan will be conducted according to our Project Management Guidelines. Our guidelines are best practices that we have developed over years of specialization.

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Initialization Meeting

  • The Project Initialization Meeting introduces the project to our in-house team of group leaders. Senior staff and Department Managers review all aspects of the project, breaking it down for distribution to appropriate individuals and departments.

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Project Management

  • The Senior Project Manager, together with our Project Controller, will co-ordinate personnel, materials, tools, and scheduling necessary for the project. The Project Manager is ultimately responsible for the Project Management process.

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Hardware Applications Design

  • The Hardware Applications Design process includes architectural system layout, systems design, foreign equipment interface layouts, flow calculations, valve CV rating calculations, and component selection. Our in-house application designers provide a complete control system which meets all project specifications and requirements, meets all installation and code requirements, does not exceed the published limitations of any product, and provides clear direction for field installers and technicians, while meeting overall Project goals. The success of the overall Project is highly influenced by the quality of the Hardware Design.

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Software Programming

  • The Software Programming process will be performed by in-house factory certified application designers and programmers. The objective of the control system software programming process is to design a complete software product which meets the complete sequence of operations, trending where applicable, alarming where applicable, web-based where applicable, as defined in the specifications. The overall success of the Project is highly influenced by the quality of Software Programming.

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Graphics Development

  • The objective of the Graphics Development process is to provide necessary symbolic illustrations of connected systems and spaces, along with the required point identification to meet the Project specifications. Emphasis should be placed on consistency of the delivered product and applying Company standard graphic applications whenever possible. Since graphic requirements vary significantly and are sometimes critically detailed in specifications, it will be the responsibility of the graphics developer to fully understand the Project requirements and focus on meeting requirements.

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  • The objective of the project Installation Team is to install a complete controls system, including network communications, which meets all Project specification requirements, all installation and code requirements, does not exceed any engineering limitation of any product and is focused on meeting the overall Project goals. The success of the Project is highly influenced by the quality of the Installation.

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  • The objective of the control system Commissioning process is to install a complete data base and software system which will operate the controlled equipment and systems according to all Project specification and sequences of operation, does not exceed the limitations of any product, and is within the overall Project goals. The success of the Project is greatly influenced by the quality and accuracy of the commissioning and checkout process.

    At this stage of a typical new construction Project, contractors are starting up equipment and systems, purging hydronic systems, balancing water and air systems, and the owners are on site learning about their new facility. At this phase of the project, owners often appreciate our Commissioners due to the broad base of mechanical and control systems knowledge that is required to perform this task.

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  • Customer Training on the operation of control systems will be assigned to the Commissioner who started up the system. The customer's level of satisfaction with the installed system will be highly influenced by the ability of the Technician to fully and completely demonstrate operation of the system. Training should focus on insuring that the customer is fully able to perform basic systems operations. Before beginning the training process, the Commissioner should be aware of any specific requirements called for in the specifications.

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Project Close-Out

  • Project Close-Out is the formal acknowledgment and notification that the Project is 100% complete. This procedure will be initiated by the Project Manager when all Project requirements have been completed and all records have been delivered from the Designer, Installers and Commissioning Technicians.

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  • Warranty will begin immediately following Project Close-Out. This service will be provided by the Commissioning Technician. This service, like the commissioning process, will significantly influence our long term relationship with the facility owner, and represents the same challenges with respect to responding to and repairing other contractors' equipment and systems.

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  • Following Project Close-Out we provide extensive service and support options to insure the continued performance of the installed equipment. Several service options are available.

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